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Why Are Some Companies Losing So Many Talents?

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Few years ago, I had a discussion with a previous colleague. She is probably one of the most rated professionals I have ever worked with. Yet she shared with me frustrations and lack of attention from her company, making her consider to leave for the very first time. Even though nobody is irreplaceable, I believe with regards to her skills, passion, hard work and dedication, this probably would be a loss for her company.

That reminds me of many cases these last years. I have seen or heard people leaving their company because the focus and attention were not there for them. They did not get promoted when it was deserved. Their managers would not spend that one-to-one time with them to get to know them better so they can guide them rightfully. Worse, their managers would not even say thank you or give them a tap on the back as a well-done gesture. Others did not get a justified salary increase even though their companies were still making profit. Or some companies did not invest in their people’s training to keep them passionate and interested while learning and improving new skills. Or their managers did not take time to coach, mentor and guide them to success while giving them valuable and facts-based feedback when needed. Or some companies did not trust their teams enough to let them work from home or have other remote working time when needed. I can even include those companies which were forced to follow a work from home policy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, they have never wanted to even try that option before due to a lack of trust in their employees.

These are only few examples among so many that I could list to show why several talents have been leaving their companies lately. Now, it is fair to also recognize that people will still leave their companies to learn new skills, discover a new company culture, grow within a different industry, have a higher paid job, for personal reasons, etc.

At the same time, I have seen many talents related jobs nowadays. We hear of titles like Talent Director, Talent Manager, Talent Acquisition Director, Head of Talent, People Talent and Development Manager, etc. Jobs titles that did not even exist few years ago. It seems like several companies have understood the importance of having talents within their teams in today's fast changing market dynamics. Which makes sense because you need the best players in your team if you want to win the league.

With that being said, instead of constantly looking to recruit new talents, why should we not do all our best to keep the ones we have in our organisation? Sometimes the talent you are looking for is right next to you. She/he just needs to be listened, considered, respected, valued, appraised. So that she/he can thrive while remaining happy and make your business grow too.

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It is evident that companies should keep looking for talents to make sure they have the best profiles which will help them make profit and raise awareness. However, they should not ignore the ones they have already in their organisation. In fact, they should make sure they invest in their people. They should upskill and reward their workforce and expand their capabilities while showing them real love. This is our strong belief. And because people are at the heart of our company, we pride ourselves at Papis4Business in coaching, mentoring, motivating, and developing happy teams and happy leaders.

Should you wish to learn more and see how we can help you keep, grow, and inspire your talents, get in touch:

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Papis Camara

Founder & CEO – Papis4Business

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